Patty's World

Patty O'Malley Rice drawing with her cats

In her thirty-three years in the English classroom, Patty O'Malley Rice showed her students the magic in their pencils. Entering her writing labs, each student collaborated and practiced elaborating content, defending word choices and designing a variety of sentence structures. Labels of Gifted and Talented, ESOL or Special Education were erased as each child grew from not knowing what to write to loving the writing process. Retired now, Patty spends her mornings writing and illustrating and missing the voices of her young writers.


The Series

In the form of a narrative, the Inspector Specific series makes searching for precise words an adventure! With each book a new character springs to life and carries the reader through the streets of the tiny town for a synonym solution. The stories are performed by eccentric characters who come alive through their actions and dialogue. Watch as Inspector Specific investigates each 'word nerd' uttered in his tiny village, enjoy the word searches and activities with each book.


Squeeze into a desk in eccentric Miss Gill's room and enjoy her antics as you learn with her students. Turn out the lights and join the class at the campfire as they learn how a sentence can be arranged for suspense or persuasion and how sensory details paint word pictures to describe actions. Each book has the narrative format showing a glimpse into classroom where the students resolve the conflict. Add a writing lesson to your child's bedtime story as both of you watch these characters waltz across the pages. You, too, will learn something new!

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