Inspector Specific Cloth

Inspector Specific Series

Your child loves his sweatshirt because it's soft and fluffy, but you can't tell him the name of that cloth. CLOTH brings the Inspector to a new adventure with precise word choice in the wonders of at Jessie's Fabric Shop where the reader will meet the mountain man, Granny Robert and the town's beauty. CLOTH inspires young writers to use the most specific nouns and the most vivid verbs. End rhyme is used to help with retention.

Appropriate for ESOL and grade 3-6 students.


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Inspector Specific Cloth book cover
Inspector Specific cloth
Some men, women and children in this quaint little town, didn’t know what fabric made a shirt or a gown.
Like thunder and lightning Jessie climbed to the top. Chiffons, silks and satins like snow did drop.
Angora Ballistic nylon Bamboo textile Barkcloth Batik Bouclé Braid Brilliantine Broadcloth Brocade Buckram Bunting Camel hair Camlet Casement

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