Inspector Specific Desserts

Inspector Specific Series

When you are offered dessert, do you hope for a slice of fudge cake or very berry pie? DESSERTS finds the Inspector in a new adventure with precise word choice in the kitchen of Bobbie the baker. DESSERTS inspires young writers to use the most specific nouns and the most vivid verbs.

End rhyme is used to help with retention.

Appropriate for ESOL and grade 3-6 students.


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Inspector Specific Desserts book cover
If your word choice is horrific, you can always hire... Inspector Specific Desserts
“Excuse me, Mrs. Baker,” Casey began to confide, and Kelly, as he stood by her side, began to yell and then to blurt, “Today’s our birthdays
Apple crisp Apple pie Baklava Banana cream pie Banana nut cake Banana split Biscotti Blondie Boston cream pie Blackberry cobbler Bundt cake

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