Inspector Specific Hats

Inspector Specific Series

Sure you have a baseball cap or even a helmet? But, what are the name of those hats worn in other parts of the world or long ago? HATS finds the Inspector in a new adventure with precise word choice in the wonders of Lila's Millinery. HATS inspires young writers to use the most specific nouns and the most vivid verbs.

End rhyme is used to help with retention.

Appropriate for ESOL and grade 3-6 students.


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Inspector Specific Hats book cover
If your word choice is horrific, you can always hire... Inspector Specific Cloth
Sail across the ocean using your momma’s good bloomers. A fez, sombrero and turban aren’t just rumors.
Akubra Ayam Balaclava Balmoral bonnet Barretina Baseball cap Beanie Beret Biretta Boater Boonie hat Boss of the plains Boudoir cap Bowler Breton

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