Just Strut on by

Inspector Specific Series

Are you writing that narrative essay and your characters cannot just 'walk'? Must you infer characterization by having your characters strut, waddle or roam? JUST STRUT ON BY finds the Inspector as the commentator at the fall fashion show. JUST STRUT ON BY inspires young writers to use the most most vivid verb. End rhyme is used to help with retention.

Appropriate for ESOL and grade 6-9 students.


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Just Strut on by book cover
Just Strut on by runway
Summer smothered the streets with humidity and heat
Bottle green and aubergine were the fall season’s trend. But who would be the commentator?  Speculation would not end!
Walk, he had decided was a verb that did not show, so each model would HAVE move to his version of to and fro.
Judy stood and marched to that judge.  And, when she was ready, she gave his bottom a nudge.

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