Said is Dead

Inspector Specific Series

Are you writing that narrative essay and your characters cannot just say their dialogue? Must you infer characterization by having your characters whisper, bellow or complain. SAID IS DEAD finds Inspector Specific at the judges' table as he evaluates the contestants competing for town gossip. SAID IS DEAD inspires young writers to use the most most vivid verb.

End rhyme is used to help with retention.

Appropriate for ESOL and grade 1-6 students.


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Said is Dead
Inspector Speific, Said is Dead
In this tiny burg work a seamstress, a baker and a gossipy story maker. But, the busybody, Granny Prattle  could no longer see or hear,
But the inspector barked, “No form of say is used on this day! No! No! O’Leary whispered, cooed or possibly purred. The vivid verb tells how
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