Sentence Variety

Too Little Information Series

SENTENCE VARIETY is the fifth book in the Too Little Information series. SENTENCE VARIETY closed the door to recess because of the cold winter day. But just in time for Miss Gill to show two new methods of starting sentence. If your child has received comments from his writing teacher about little sentence variety, SENTENCE VARIETY will show your child how to start a sentence differently. End rhyme is used to help with retention.

Appropriate for ESOL and grade 4-9 students.


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Sentence Variety book cover
Start a sentence differently, Miss Gill tells you why
Only the wind pushed the swings on that cold winter morn, and the silver crystals glistened on the slide from last night’s storm.
By February winter had grown  forlorn, old and tired, and winter’s cabin fever made the students really wired. Broken crayons, crumpled papers
Amira and classmates skip down the trail

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