The Informative Essay

Too Little Information Series

THE INFORMATIVE ESSAY shows the child the elements of an informative essay as the students in Miss Gill's classroom learn to present a topic and develop it with examples, sensory details, incidents, and quotes. Finn's informative essay will inspire young writers to research more about their favorite topic.

End rhyme is used to help with retention.

Appropriate for ESOL and grade 4-9 students.


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The Informative Essay book cover
You Can Write about Cake, and Eat it too! Finn Writes an Informative Essay
The first thing this morning Miss Gill jumped up upon her chair. And, it looked as though an eggbeater had done her hair.
The informative essay wants the reader to begin to know who, what, where, how and when.
The largest wedding cake was seventeen feet tall, and even with two hundred guests, they didn’t eat it all.

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