Purple Mountain Persuasion

Too Little Information Series

PURPLE MOUNTAIN PERSUASION shows children the elements of a persuasive essay as the students in Miss Gill's classroom learn to express an opinion and support it with evidence. PURPLE MOUNTAIN PERSUASION inspires young writers to use logic and reasoning.

End rhyme is used to help with retention.

Appropriate for ESOL and grade 4-9 students.


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Purple Mountain Persuasion book cover
Amira Writes a Persuasive Speech
Joaquin was concerned about Jeffery’s desk and classroom pollution, so he’d organize his topic with details like cause, effect and solution.
“You mean I can use my quote,  ‘Jeffrey is a hog!’” “Never, never attack the person, but always the issue.” And, then Miss Gill wiped her brow
We share the same emotion, desire and concern. So, asking questions will help us learn about what others believe and how they think.

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