Too Little Information Series

THANKSGIVING is the second book in the Too Little Information series. THANKSGIVING opens the door to the classroom number four as the reader watches as Tilly gives her Thanksgiving narrative details and incidents. THANKSGIVING inspires young writers to use the most specific details and create characters with feelings and emotions. End rhyme is used to help with retention.

Appropriate for ESOL and grade 4-9 students.


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Thanksgiving book cover
A Thanksgiving Story Stuffed with Sensory Details and Suspense
Secretly known as 'Granny Grammar', Miss Margaret Mary Gill always said,  “Follow your dream, and...
And though he loved to throw, to jump and to run, when Miss Gill asked Jeffrey what he would become...
"So, where are you going with this storyline? Without a conflict it's not genuine." "It was then I saw my aunt's furry cat."

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