Worn Out Words

Inspector Specific Series

Were you visiting with your teen when you noticed she used the word 'like' each time she rolled her eyes? Has her writing teacher complained that your teen's word choices are common? WORN OUT WORDS is a narrative about three town's people who need help to correct their ordinary, overused words choices. WORN OUT WORDS inspires young writers to avoid tired, overused words.

End rhyme is used to help with retention.

Appropriate for ESOL and grade 6-9 students.


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Worn Out Words book cover
Worn out Words
Bobbie the baker waddled into the shop because her jingle had been a flop! “Sing me a bar or two, and I’ll see which strongest words will do.”
Cloche hats were beautiful and modeled by a Mary. And, then Camilla coated every common word with a very.
a lot - copious, countless, myriad, numerous, plentiful, several

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